Moving to San Francisco Bay Area from Los Angeles

Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area? Looking for the most reliable long distance moving companies in California? Save your time and money with experienced LA to SF Flat Rate movers. Overnight Delivery is applicable.

Moving to San Francisco Bay Area from Los Angeles with Next Moving long distance flat rate movers.


Interesting facts about San Francsico

Electric eats

Once referred to as “the Paris of the West,” San Francisco offers a legendary food scene. Outperforming New York City, San Francisco touts 7 three-Michelin star restaurants. And the birthplace of green goddess dressing and fancy toasts, San Francisco is home to the world’s best restaurants with highlights like La Taqueria’s Mission-style burritos, Swan’s Oyster Depot’s Dungeness crab Louie, Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop’s Blum’s Coffee Crunch Cake and the acclaimed Blue Bottle coffee. In the way of food neighborhoods, restaurant-goers can find top-quality Italian eats in North Beach, all-star taquerias in the Mission, incredible Greek and French cuisine in Hayes Valley, super authentic Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese spots in the Avenues, delicious Thai and Vietnamese fare in the Tenderloin. So, moving from LA to SF Bay Area won’t leave you missing good eats!

Natural beauty

Residents and visitors alike who want to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Bay Area need not look far. Just under 17 miles beyond the city of San Francisco lies Muir Woods, which is widely regarded as the Bay Area’s best place to see Redwoods. Moreover, Napa Valley is located a mere hour outside of the city and is home to an unparalleled 45,000 acres of planted vineyards. And with a wide variety of gorgeous, scenic parks like Golden Gate Park, Mission Dolores Park, Corona Heights Park, Grandview Park, Tunnel Top Park, and Washington Square, residents are provided many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, people-watching, picnicking, and more.

A Cultural Hub

Moving to San Francisco from Los Angeles County will bring prospective residents face-to-face with some of the country’s most iconic cultural landmarks. Fans of architecture and popular culture alike will enjoy visiting “the Painted Ladies,” a row of colorful, picturesque Victorian-style homes located across from Alamo Square Park that were popularized by the 90’s family sitcom Full House. And history buffs can take advantage of the city’s plethora of historical sites like Alcatraz Island, home of the former notorious maximum-security federal penitentiary. Another point of interest is Fort Point, a masonry seacoast fortification on the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge that provides unmatched views of the city. And lastly, the Sutro Baths, the ruins of the former largest public, indoor saltwater bathing facilities globally. San Francisco residents can also take advantage of the city’s cultural hot spots: Fisherman’s Wharf, a famous waterfront community with numerous boutiques and eateries, and Pier 39, a shopping district featuring the Aquarium of the Bay. But who can forget the infamous San Francisco cable car system, which is the only remaining manually operated cable car system in the world.

San Fransico is also a sports fanatic’s paradise, home to first-rate California teams like the Golden State Warriors (NBA), the 49ers (NFL), and the Giants (MLB). In addition, SF offers a spectacular music scene. Each summer, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, which is the largest independently owned music festival worldwide, occurs in Golden Gate Park. And in San Francisco, individuals can visit celebrated music landmarks such as the Grateful Dead House, the Jimi Hendrix House, the Janis Joplin House, the SF Jazz Center, and Amoeba Records.

Trusted California Long Distance Moving company

After having spent 15 years in the market successfully serving more than 16,000 customers, Next Moving has the experience and skills to guarantee you the most seamless and low-stress move possible. And with highly-skilled California movers, individuals in search of Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area movers need not look any further!

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Next Moving house mover at the beginning of a long distance move.


When making a big move, the moving trucks used must be equipped with all of the necessary features for a successful and painless move. With Next Moving, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the proper size box trucks will be used. These trucks are environmentally friendly, have ramps and gates for easy item loading and unloading, and are properly set up with all moving equipment required. Next Moving offers customers several different sized trucks, ranging from 16 feet to 28 feet long. Each 28-foot truck provides up to 2,200 cubic square feet of space to easily fit your belongings.


To supply customers with a low-stress, hassle-free, and anxiety-free moving experience, Next Moving uses the most effective moving supplies and equipment on the market. To ensure that all of your belongings will arrive at your final destination free of scratches, scuff marks, tears, and other damages, we provide free boxes, wardrobe boxes, straps, moving blankets, tape and shrink wrap, protecting your items and best utilizing the space on our moving trucks. We also offer heavy-duty dollies and professional piano boards to move bulky, heavy pieces of furniture efficiently.


Professional drivers can help to save you tons of time during the process of your move. Mapping out the quickest route before your moving day even arrives, these professional drivers are not only familiar with the roads they need to take, but they also have experience driving a moving truck – cutting down driving and parking time and lowering the risk of vehicular accidents. And all of our local, long-distance, and piano movers go through extensive training to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and intact during your move.


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Moving Insurance

We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about your belongings or property sustaining damage during your move. For this reason, we provide all types of moving insurance to give you the protection that you need. When you hire Next Moving, we guarantee that your items and property are protected from the moment we start to the second we finish – loading through unloading. You’re covered for any damages that may occur at any point in the moving process, whether while disassembling furniture, loading or unloading the truck(s), in transit, or reassembling furniture.

Cost of moving from LA to SF

Hidden Costs

When hiring movers for an intrastate move from Los Angeles to San Francisco, it is crucial to obtain as much information about the cost upfront. Hiring the right moving company can help prevent you from overpaying for various materials and services throughout your move. Many factors come into play that can result in a move taking more time than anticipated, potentially tacking on additional fees.

For starters, load volume, or the number of items you need to move, and the weight that those items comprise can impact your move’s cost. Depending on load volume, a bigger truck, or even multiple trucks, may be required. And a larger vehicle can increase the moving costs. On top of this, the move’s distance dictates the time needed to safely and successfully move your belongings. So, when considering hourly rates, it is helpful to consider the amount of time it will take to drive from your current home to your new home. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep in mind where the movers will need to park the moving truck to load and unload your belongings. If the moving truck(s) has to park a considerable distance from your new home, this will add more time to the services needed and impact your final bill.

Additionally, it is helpful to consider the number of pieces that will need to be disassembled for your move. We ensure that all of our movers have successfully completed a series of extensive training courses, but the fewer items that require disassembly, the better. And to lower the cost of your move, Next Moving offers all of the moving supplies and equipment that you might need, like moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, tape, shrink wrap, gates, ramps, etc.

Moving Cost Calculator

If you find yourself searching “movers California,” or “movers long distance,” or “moving to San Jose,” or “long distance moving companies,” or “intrastate moving companies,” or “moving to San Francisco Bay Area from Los Angeles,” or “LA to SF movers,” Next Moving can help! With our Moving Cost Calculator, you can receive a quick moving estimate and free moving quotes. Customers like those moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco can access their free, accurate, and instant quote online, onsite, or by phone call. Depending on the amount and the weight of the items you’ll need to be packed and transported, the distance of the move, where the truck(s) will need to park to load and unload your belongings, the number of pieces that need to be broken down or disassembled, breaks taken (specifically during long-distance moves), and the supplies and equipment required for your move, the cost can vary. By keeping all of these factors in mind and effectively communicating with you about the moving expenses from the get-go, you can rest assured that you are prepared for your move and will receive the most cost-effective pricing.