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Do I really need to hire a helper or professional local or long distance movers near me? Everybody asked this question at least once in their life. It’s moving day. You’ve just spent the past few months sending in applications in hopes of finding a new home, while also packing up your belongings to prepare for this day. The time and energy spent on this part of the moving process can wear anyone out. And that’s without taking into account the money you’ve spent on those wardrobe boxes, boxes for moving, tape, shrink wrap and various other moving supplies.

All of that just to get to moving day: the toughest and most nerve-wracking part of the process. If you thought the past month was a nightmare, moving day packs all of that stress into one day. Even worse, complications can easily result in moving day turning into moving week.

The physical labor involved with transporting heavy boxes, large items, and furniture from the home to the box truck can increase your risk of injury. The mental fatigue that happens when figuring out how to squeeze furniture out the door can cause significant delays. Lastly, the financial responsibility for any damaged goods and property can put your emotional state at risk.

There’s a good chance you weren’t expecting anything like this when you decided to move. But if you were expecting, then you’re likely already looking for a solution.

Right Movers Near Me Make It Easy

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult. But many people make it harder by taking on the process themselves or by hiring movers near me that underdelivers. In order to match yourself with the right moving companies, it’s essential to understand what you should expect from them.

This can include everything from the moving trucks to the moving insurance they provide, moving supplies and equipment used, knowledge, and experience by the movers near me, and especially the final bill at the end. The right movers will be able to provide everything required to make your move successful at a reasonable price.

Sometimes, if it means getting an item out the front door more quickly, experienced movers near me can hoist items down from a balcony or window. Of course, the right company would only do so if the item wouldn’t be put at increased risk of damage.

Getting the items out of the front door is only the start. Loading the truck can lead to delays if not packed correctly. Many people like to start throwing everything in the truck with no strategy behind their efforts. This typically ends with having to unload it to load it the right way, or making several trips.

To narrow the expectations down, they can be categorized into three main areas. Saving you time, saving you money, and leaving you satisfied.

Experienced Movers Near Me Save You Time

There’s a lot that goes into a successful moving day. And it’s not as easy as packing boxes and carrying them to a moving truck. Much like any service, moving companies should provide the client with a solution that requires little to no effort on their part. After all, that’s why the client is looking to hire.

Movers near me are expected to go through a variety of different training courses before a client trusts them. This training should be designed to give the movers the necessary skills, techniques, and strategies to provide an excellent service. Many local moving companies neglect this, resulting in a day that gets dragged on for way too long.

Quality moving services will ensure their movers are professionals when it comes to getting furniture out the front door safely. This not only involves figuring out what will fit through the door but being able to move your belongings without damaging them. By keeping the items lifted at all times and staying aware of what’s above them, professional movers near me will also keep the interior of the home free of scuff marks and further damage.

Professional movers near me do this for a living and have loaded hundreds of moving trucks before. They treat every truck like a game of Tetris, ensuring that everything will fit just right. Many local and long distance moving companies also offer customized moving trucks with more space and special gadgets inside.

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Professional Drivers Save Your Time

Lastly, local movers, piano movers, and long distance movers can save you time during the transportation process. They will map out the quickest driving route beforehand. Their experience driving a moving truck can help shorten the time it takes to park correctly. And will significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Moving companies should be focused on delivering your valuable belongings in as little time as possible.

And while all of that is going on, what could you be doing? You could be enjoying this whole moving process with an iced tea. Or you can have more time to begin getting you and your family settled into your new place without the exhaustion, sore back, tight neck, and weak legs from all the lifting. Also, you can finally get through a moving day, thinking, “Well, that was easy.”

Professional Movers Near Me Save You Money

Time is valuable to anyone, but the benefits could go far beyond just that when hiring a moving company. What better way to satisfy a client than saving them money down the stretch. Especially during a moving process that has already eaten up a large portion of your budget?

When preparing your move, there are a variety of “hidden expenses” that you likely haven’t thought of. It’s very easy to plan for the costs of truck rentals, boxes, and labor, but some expenses come out of the blue. Being prepared for these expenses can be a game-changer come moving day. But hiring moving services can relieve you from any concern all-together.

You don’t need to let your budget dwindle before you get settled into your new home. Keep your confidence throughout the moving process by allowing your financials to remain dent-free.

Let’s take a look at some of these “hidden expenses” we’re talking about:


This can occur in a multitude of ways. Whether it be during disassembly, getting out the front door, loading the truck, transportation, or unloading the truck. When your items get damaged, you’re stuck with what could be a hefty replacement or repair bill. Especially if we are talking about a piece of furniture, TV, or piano. Unfortunately, not all movers near me provide moving insurance to help eliminate or reduce these costs.


When moving large items out of your house, you run the risk of damaging the interior walls, light fixtures, sprinklers, alarms, and doors. Again, this could lead to unwanted bills on moving day. This will include damage done to the outside property as well, like stairs, signs, columns, and landscaping.


When local moving companies plan out their trip, they take into account how much gas they will be using. This is an expense that can creep up on you, especially when hiring long distance movers. Everything from finding parking to knowing where you can enter and exit can help keep gas costs down. Experienced drivers also reduce the risk of accidents and are also covered under personal insurance in the event your belongings are damaged.


This can be one of the most unfortunate risks when moving. Mainly due to the fact that it will continue long after you’ve settled into your new home. Not all movers near me know all of the proper techniques for lifting and moving furniture and boxes. With the client involved in no physical labor, the risk of injury is no longer an issue.


Movers near me can ensure that all the proper equipment and moving supplies are provided for the move. These items can get expensive when trying to do the move yourself. The lack of them can make the move difficult, stressful, or more physically demanding. Not all moving companies provide everything from moving straps to shrink wrap, furniture moving blankets, tape, and dollies.


Moving day usually means time off of work. With a reliable moving company, you can eliminate the need to miss out on valuable hours at the office.

When you choose to tackle moving day by yourself, you can potentially be frustrated with a large number of bills and fees from damaged goods, damaged property, gas prices, and injury. Insurance can help, but that will still result in several fees to worry about.

Professional movers near me can help reduce most of these expenses. And in the worst case, condense all of these expenses into one expense. Not having to worry about these expenses can give you the extra time to attend to your family. It could even mean you don’t have to miss a full day of work and miss out on valuable paycheck money.

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What Are The Best Movers Near Me?

Next Moving is ready to help save you time and money during the moving process. We take pride in our ability to offer outstanding service to every client.

We make sure our local, long distance and piano movers are properly trained before we send them out on jobs. They go through extensive training to learn proper lifting techniques, loading strategies, and various methods of getting your items out of the house safely. They will also be experienced truck drivers that will reduce the time needed when transporting your goods and parking the truck.

As a result, our clients can rest easy, knowing their valuable belongings are in good hands. In the event of an unfortunate event, we carry all types of moving insurance to keep you protected. With basic coverage, full liability, and cargo insurance, you can make sure you have the right coverage for your move.

If you’re ready to take your moving day to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out via our website to receive your free estimate. Next Moving also has a variety of tips, tools, resources, and advice to help you through your move.


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