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Relocate together with Moving Company Los Angeles

Are you about to go from LA? Hire a professional moving company Los Angeles to help take the stress and anxiety out of your move. We’re also 100% licensed and insured, with 99.8% client satisfaction. 

Moving Company Los Angeles: Full Service 

Our reputation for being one of the best local and long-distance moving company in Los Angeles helps provide peace of mind that your move is as quick and painless as possible.

If you’re moving within the country/city, our full service includes:

  • Local Moving Services: Are you moving locally in Los Angeles? We offer local moving services within 100 miles of Los Angeles. Our local team will load, unload and even pack or unpack your items for you if you request our packing and unpacking service.
  • Long Distancing Moving: Moving from Los Angeles to anywhere in the United States? We can also help. Our dedicated long-distance team has the logistics to make your big move as stress-free as possible. We’ll discuss your move and delivery estimate, and we’ll help you make your move a success.
  • Commercial Moving: Business relocations are complicated. We can help. At Next Moving, our team has the knowledge, expertise, and logistic training to help you pack your business up and relocate it anywhere in Los Angeles.
  • Storage Solutions: Sometimes, you’re in limbo during a move. Your new home or office will not be ready by the time you have to pack up your belongings and leave your current location. We can temporarily store your items for you and then deliver them at an agreed-upon time.
  • Single Item Moving: Large, bulky items are difficult to move, but we can handle it all: pianos, gun safes, pool tables, couches – virtually anything. Our team is trained to haul and pack even the biggest items.

We offer moves for offices, apartments, and homes. 

Start your big move by filling out the quote form below.

Los Angeles Moving Quotes 

Are you planning a move and want an accurate quote? Our moving company quotes los angeles ask you a series of questions to:

  • Learn more about your move;
  • Understand your time constraints;
  • Uncover the services you may need;

Then our expert moving team will devise an accurate quote for your move. 

All quotes are non-obligatory, so you can quote shop and decide to use our services if it meets your needs. 

Click here for a free quote.


Los Angeles Transfer

Transferring from Los Angeles and want someone to bring your items to your new location? We can assist. We know the expense of moving from Los Angeles is a concern for many businesses and people relocating to the area. However, our moving company in la is happy to help.

We are 100% licensed and insured to allow you to be confident that if an accident occurs along the way, our insurance will pick up the bill. Our team has experience with local and long-distance moves, and we understand that you need:

  • On-time delivery of your items;
  • Fastpacking solutions;
  • Storage options;
  • More;

Fill out our quote form above and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss your transfer with you.

Packing and Unpacking Services 

Do you want experts from Los Angeles moving company  that offer more than just loading and unloading? We’ve trained our team to be packing and unpacking specialists. 

We can help provide:

  • Moving supplies if you want to pack all of your items on your own;
  • Professional packers who know how to pack your most precious items, furniture, electronics and more;
  • Unpackers, who will diligently unpack all of your items and ensure they’re in the proper place before leaving your residence

At Next Moving, we have the supplies and experience necessary to pack and unpack items of all sizes, weights and dimensions. Our team will come with all of the appropriate, industry-recommended boxes, packing peanuts, styrofoam and furniture pads to keep your items safe.

With just 0.1% of jobs having damage, our team is one of the most committed in the area to keeping your items safe and secure. If you plan to use our storage solution, we can transfer the items to our storage facilities and deliver them as scheduled.

Why Choose Next Moving

Making the big move out of LA? Please let Moving Company Los Angeles assist you.

Next Moving has a track record of success, helping people start their move online and receive the best rate in the process. Our statistics speak for themselves:

  • 100% licensed and insured;
  • 99.8% client satisfaction;
  • 0.1% of jobs with damage;
  • 3.7 year average moving experience;

When you choose Next Moving, you can rely on our:

  • On-time delivery;
  • Experience with moving fragile, heavy items;
  • Flexible packing and unpacking options;
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly;
  • Moving supplies;
  • No hidden fees;

We train all of our movers, background check them and even provide storage options, too. 

Click here to get a free quote or to learn more about our Los Angeles moving company prices .

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Guaranteed pricing

To keep costs and moving quotes in Los Angeles as clear as possible for our customers, we’re also happy to provide one of the best pricing processes around.

The Other Guys
Hourly Rate
Your hourly rate
Your hourly rate
Plastic Wrap
$50 per roll
Base or truck fee
Extra heavy item fee
Progressive and Transparent
Expensive and not transparent
Not really
New boxes and packing materials
Used boxes from previous moves
Disassembly / Assembly
Truck size
2,200 cu ft
1,650 cu ft
TV installation
Long distance
Express / 15, 30, 45-day delivery window
Not flexible
Basic / Full value
You are lucky if they have it
Stacking skills
Professional Tetris players
3 trips for your 1 bedroom apartment

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