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Relocate together with Moving Company Redondo Beach

Redondo beach is one of the three beach cities of Los Angeles County and is located in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles area.

The city is distinctly separated into north and south sections by the 190th, Anita, and Herondo streets. North Redondo and South Redondo are a stark contrast of each other.

South Redondo is mostly a residential area with laid-back beaches and a small business district near the marina/harbor complex. North Redondo is located inland and makes up the commercial and industrial area of the city, including shopping centers, entertainment facilities, and aerospace and engineering firms.

If you’re planning a move to or from Redondo Beach, you can count on Next Moving to make your move worry-free. Call us today for a free quote and find out why locals refer to us as the best movers in Redondo Beach.

When It Comes To Redondo Beach Neighborhoods, We’ve Been Around The Block

As local movers in Redondo Beach, we have completed dozens of moves in both North and South Redondo Beach. By being familiar with the area, we already understand the unique challenges that moving to or from these areas can present.

For example, North Redondo Beach has many narrow, one-way streets with limited parking. When completing moves in this area, we usually deploy our smaller moving trucks to make maneuvering through the streets easier, and we always secure parking permits and reservations.

When it comes to completing moves in South Redondo Beach, we know that beachgoers can cause some traffic delays. We are always prepared to arrive early, never late, to moving appointments and can even help advise you on optimal moving times when there will be less traffic.

Best Movers in Redondo Beach: Local and Long Distance

Whether you are moving local or long distance, moving days can have the tendency to feel a little overwhelming. Our elite team of movers is professionally trained to handle every aspect of your move so you won’t have to even lift a finger. At Next Moving, we provide services that you can rely on.

We’re Familiar With Redondo Beach Homes

Our movers have flawlessly executed dozens of house moves in North and South Redondo Beach. Remodeled or old, single or multi-family, we have seen and done it all.

There’s no moving project that is too big or difficult for us to handle. Our movers are highly trained to move anything and everything accident-free, including:

  • Large or uniquely shaped pieces of furniture
  • Fragile and expensive items
  • Pianos
  • And mor

While we have an excellent track record of accident-free moves in Redondo Beach, we are licensed and insured so you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe in our hands.

No One Knows Redondo Beach Apartment Complexes Like We Do

Are you looking to move into one of the many apartment complexes in North Redondo Beach? We can help.

While North Redondo Beach offers challenges like narrow, one-way streets and limited parking, apartment moves also come with their own set of challenges. While this can make an apartment move look daunting for some, our highly-trained professionals deal with these situations confidently day in and day out.

Narrow door frames and stairwells are no problem for our pros. We are also familiar with the requirements that many North Redondo Beach apartments pose, like:

  • Requiring a certificate of insurance for movers to enter the building
  • Requiring elevation reservations and protection
  • Requiring parking reservations

From start to finish, we handle every aspect of your apartment move for you.

We’ve Serviced Dozens of Commercial Moves In Redondo Beach

Are you looking to move to or from the commercial and industrial areas of North Redondo Beach? Or perhaps you are moving to or from the shopping district in South Redondo Beach.

Either way, we have years of experience completing moves for a variety of different businesses in this area. As movers in Redondo Beach, CA, we prepare for the same challenges that we see daily with North and South Redondo Beach moves.

We understand that your commercial move needs to be affordable, organized, and efficient so you can get back to running your business as soon as possible. Our movers are highly trained to lift and move heavy commercial items and pack in an organized manner.

At Next Moving, we work to simplify your move. Call us today for a free quote on your commercial move to or from Redondo Beach.

Guaranteed pricing

To keep costs and moving quotes in Redondo Beach as clear as possible for our customers, we’re also happy to provide one of the best pricing processes around.

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Hourly Rate
Your hourly rate
Your hourly rate
Plastic Wrap
$50 per roll
Base or truck fee
Extra heavy item fee
Progressive and Transparent
Expensive and not transparent
Not really
New boxes and packing materials
Used boxes from previous moves
Disassembly / Assembly
Truck size
2,200 cu ft
1,650 cu ft
TV installation
Long distance
Express / 15, 30, 45-day delivery window
Not flexible
Basic / Full value
You are lucky if they have it
Stacking skills
Professional Tetris players
3 trips for your 1 bedroom apartment

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