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Relocate together with Newport Beach Movers

Are you planning a relocation? Let our professional Newport Beach movers team help you relocate without picking up a single box on your own.

Moving from Newport Beach: Full Service

Our moving company newport beach ca understand that every move requires a special approach to address each client’s particular requirements.

That’s why our Newport Beach Movers provide a full list of services that includes:

  • Local moving: Any move that is within 100 miles of your new location is a local move. Our local moving team knows Newport Beach and the best routes to take to deliver your items fast and safely.
  • Long-distance moving: Relocating from Newport Beach to another area? We have a team of long-distance drivers who will help you move to and from anywhere in the city.
  • Commercial moving: Business relocations are complex and require a lot of planning. We can pack and unpack equipment, load and unload it and make your move as simple and easy as possible.
  • Single item moving: Large, bulky items are a logistical nightmare to move on your own. We have experience moving massive safes, pianos, and items that are traditionally difficult to transport on your own.
  • Storage solutions: Do you have a gap in your move-out and move-in date? Next Moving has storage solutions that allow you to keep your items safely stored in our facilities. We will be ready to deliver these items to your new location when you’re ready for them.
  • Moving help: If you don’t need a full service, we’re more than happy to load or unload a moving truck for you. We provide the manpower and will be out of your way as quickly as we can.

We also offer moving quotes online that will allow you to price your relocation.

Newport Beach Moving Quotes

Would you like to price your move? You don’t even need to pick up the phone.

Our online Newport Beach moving service offers virtual estimates on your move with no surprise fees and the best rate possible. If you can answer the following questions, we can provide you with a virtual estimate in minutes:

  • Your pickup and drop-off location; 
  • Property type (home, apartment, etc.);
  • Property size (one, two, three, or more bedrooms);
  • Stairs and elevator information;
  • Moving truck distance;
  • Property fullness (number of items that you have);

We can also help relocate your office, warehouse or even a single item.  

What are you waiting for?

Click here to get a quote for your move!

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Newport Beach Transfer

Planning a transfer from Newport Beach? Next Moving is at your service. We can help you plan a transfer that is as easy as possible. We take the stress, anxiety, and fear out of moving so that you can spend time on:

  • Furniture arrangement;
  • Decorations;
  • Getting excited about your new home;

Next Moving is here to help you in any way we can. We can pack and unpack your items, deliver them to your new location or even store them in our facilities.

Give us a call at 1-800-433-1541 to discuss your transfer needs and discover how we can help you make your transfer a success.

Packing and Unpacking Services

You shouldn’t worry too much about the relocation. There’s a lot to do: hook up utilities, transfer your address, say goodbye to friends and family, and much more. Don’t stress yourself out worrying about packing and unpacking your items.

Our movers in newport beach ca are trained to pack items of all sizes and weights.

We have the supplies to pack:

  • Antiques;
  • Family heirlooms;
  • Furniture;
  • Clothes;
  • Household items;
  • Office furniture;
  • Electronics;
  • Computers;
  • Virtually anything;

We’ll pack up your belongings like they were our own and with the care and attention you deserve. Our team is trained in the industry’s best packing practices to reduce the risk of items breaking or becoming damaged in transport.

If a mishap does happen and an item breaks, our insurance will replace the item.

Next Moving takes it one step further to help make your move as stress-free as possible. We can pack your items and even unpack items for you for a truly hands-free move.

Why Choose Next Moving?

Moving from Newport Beach has never been this easy. Our Newport Beach movers team is ready to help make your move the best, with online quotes, timely delivery, and a trained team willing to go the extra mile to help you with a stress-free relocation.

A few of the reasons clients rate us as the best movers in Newport Beach include:

  • 99.8% client satisfaction;
  • Fully licensed and insured;
  • We train all of our team members on the best moving practices;
  • Virtual moving quotes;
  • All types of moving services: pianos, offices, over-sized items, boxes, and so on;

If you want your belongings to arrive on time and safely, Next Moving can help.

Click here to get your free quote and learn more about our moving services.

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Guaranteed pricing

To keep costs and moving quotes in Newport Beach as clear as possible for our customers, we’re also happy to provide one of the best pricing processes around.

The Other Guys
Hourly Rate
Your hourly rate
Your hourly rate
Plastic Wrap
$50 per roll
Base or truck fee
Extra heavy item fee
Progressive and Transparent
Expensive and not transparent
Not really
New boxes and packing materials
Used boxes from previous moves
Disassembly / Assembly
Truck size
2,200 cu ft
1,650 cu ft
TV installation
Long distance
Express / 15, 30, 45-day delivery window
Not flexible
Basic / Full value
You are lucky if they have it
Stacking skills
Professional Tetris players
3 trips for your 1 bedroom apartment

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