Moving to Los Angeles from San Diego

Moving from San Diego to LA? Looking for the most reliable long distance moving companies in California? Save your time and money with experienced San Diego to Los Angeles Flat Rate movers.

Next Moving eco friendly, newest, capacious moving trucks near me with four double side doors, ramp, swing back doors and attic.
Next Moving eco friendly, capacious truck with four double side gates, a ramp, swing back gates and attic. Downtown, Los Angeles.


Our highly-trained California long distance movers can bring you closer to a world of beautiful beaches, bustling cities, mountains, unbeatable weather, and seemingly limitless opportunity – it’s no wonder that California is the most populous state in America. And as such, California is home to some of the world’s best-known cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento – just to name a few. So, it can be difficult to decide which fantastic city to plant roots in. Some may even choose to move around, from city to city, to experience the best that California has to offer.

Never a Dull Moment

If you currently live in San Diego and plan to move to Los Angeles, there are several interesting facts to consider. For starters, Los Angeles boasts a wide array of activities to satisfy the most curious urban explorer. Whether you want to party late into the night, go on a calm woodland hike, or explore museums and art galleries, there is something to appease every taste and lifestyle in LA. Although San Diego may not seem small, it is when compared to Los Angeles. With 500 square miles of opportunity, there is much more ground to cover in LA, as opposed to San Diego’s 372 square miles. And along with big city living, LA offers prospective residents more than 100 neighborhoods, all with unique benefits and charms. Whether you prefer the luxury of Beverly Hills, the glamour of Santa Monica, the seclusion of Long Beach, or the charm of Echo Park, there is undoubtedly a neighborhood perfect for everyone.

A True Melting Pot

Moreover, living in Los Angeles puts international travel in the palm of your hand. Calling LA home makes traveling to Asia and the Pacific Islands quite simple, especially when flying out of LAX, which offers 1,400 non-stop flights to more than 40 countries weekly. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. can quickly become your new go-to vacation destinations. And even if globetrotting isn’t your thing, having LAX nearby will allow friends and family members to easily visit you – regardless of where they live. As a result of its active seaport and a major international airport, Los Angeles attracts people from across the globe. This diversity lends itself to the wide variety of cuisines, architecture, and neighborhoods you will find throughout the metropolitan area.

The Price of LA Charm

With average rent prices somewhat comparable to San Diego, renters should only have to budget an additional $300/month or so to lease a home in Los Angeles. And for those looking to purchase a home in LA, median prices run about $100,000 more than the cost of comparable homes in San Diego. However, with unmatched gems like Disneyland, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Santa Monica Pier, and El Matador State Beach, living in Los Angeles can be more than worth your while! Whether you are looking for a quiet lifestyle or never-ending excitement, the city has something to please everyone.

Why Next Moving

After having spent 15 years in the market successfully serving more than 16,000 customers, Next Moving has the experience and skills to guarantee you the most seamless and low-stress move possible. And with highly-skilled California movers, individuals in search of San Diego to Los Angeles movers need not look any further!

Moving Trucks

When making a big move, the moving trucks used must be equipped with all of the necessary features for a successful and painless move. With Next Moving, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the proper size box trucks will be used. These trucks are environmentally friendly, have ramps and gates for easy item loading and unloading, and are properly set up with all moving equipment required. Next Moving offers customers several different sized trucks, ranging from 16 feet to 28 feet long. Each 28-foot truck provides up to 2,200 cubic square feet of space to easily fit your belongings.

Moving Supplies

To supply customers with a low-stress, hassle-free, and anxiety-free moving experience, Next Moving uses the most effective moving supplies and equipment on the market. To ensure that all of your belongings will arrive at your final destination free of scratches, scuff marks, tears, and other damages, we provide free boxes, wardrobe boxes, straps, moving blankets, tape and shrink wrap, protecting your items and best utilizing the space on our moving trucks. We also offer heavy-duty dollies and professional piano boards to move bulky, heavy pieces of furniture efficiently.

Local, Long Distance, Professional Drivers and Movers

Local, professional drivers can help to save you tons of time during the process of your move. Mapping out the quickest route before your moving day even arrives, these professional drivers are not only familiar with the roads they need to take, but they also have experience driving a moving truck – cutting down driving and parking time and lowering the risk of vehicular accidents. And all of our local, long-distance, and piano movers go through extensive training to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and intact during your move.

Digital Tools, Tips, and Resources

A quick search of “San Diego to Los Angeles movers” or “movers San Diego to Los Angeles instant quote” or “moving to Los Angeles from San Diego” will lead you to Next Moving, your trusted source for valuable information. Our website provides you with the tools, tips, and resources needed to make a successful move! With the help of a free and accurate instant quote from our Moving Cost Calculator, you can proceed with your move from San Diego to LA more confidently and avoid hidden costs. You can also access moving checklists on our website. These checklists can help you to keep organized, reduce stress, and stay on-task, on-time, and focused. Furthermore, our website is home to several tutorial videos, all of which can help you to better understand the exact ways in which we navigate the moving process – tutorial topics range from how we pack our trucks to how we go about disassembling your furniture. A slew of articles highlighting the moving process from start to finish and what customers should expect from their move can be found on our website as well as a bunch of fun and useful moving hacks and tips.

Moving Insurance

We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about your belongings or property sustaining damage during your move. For this reason, we provide all types of moving insurance to give you the protection that you need. When you hire Next Moving, we guarantee that your items and property are protected from the moment we start to the second we finish – loading through unloading. You’re covered for any damages that may occur at any point in the moving process, whether while disassembling furniture, loading or unloading the truck(s), in transit, or reassembling furniture.

Our Los Angeles moving services

Local Movers

If you’re looking for local movers in Los Angeles, we can help. We have many years of experience completing local moves within a 100-mile radius of Los Angeles. We calculate the price of local moves by an hourly rate. Call us today for a free quote for your upcoming move and find out why locals refer to us as the best local movers in Los Angeles.

Long Distance Movers

If you’re looking for long-distance movers in Los Angeles, you need an experienced moving company that you can rely on. With many years in the business, we’ve completed dozens of long-distance moves in Los Angeles. We offer a flat-rate for transportation on long-distance moves. Call us today for a free quote and find out why locals refer to us as the best long-distance movers in Los Angeles.

Apartment Movers

If you’re looking for apartment movers in Los Angeles, you need a moving company that understands the complexities of apartment moves. As Los Angeles apartment movers, we are familiar with the common moving requirements of apartment complexes in the area and have all types of moving insurance needed to protect your move.

House Movers

House moves have a habit of being way more work than you think. As local house movers in Los Angeles, we simplify your move by ensuring safe packaging, professional transportation, and quick, reliable service. Let us do all of the heavy lifting for you in your upcoming move.

Office Movers

Office movers require a professional level of organization, packing expertise, and skilled muscle to lift heavy office equipment. As local office movers in Los Angeles, we have completed dozens of accident-free office moves. Contact us today for a free quote on your upcoming move and find out why locals refer to us as the best office movers in Los Angeles.

Commercial Movers

As commercial movers in Los Angeles, we have seen and done it all. Whether you need help moving a retail store or warehouse, our dedicated team of commercial movers has the skill and expertise needed to safely move heavy equipment and execute your move in a timely manner, accident-free.

Piano Movers

We know that pianos are not only beautiful but extremely heavy — and expensive. If you’re looking for experienced piano movers in Los Angeles to safely move your instrument, look no further. Our Los Angeles piano movers can move and transport any type of piano and guarantee its original condition.

Pool Table Movers

Large in size and extremely heavy, pool tables can pose a challenge in planning your household move. As experienced pool table movers in Los Angeles, our specially-trained staff can ensure a safe and accident-free move. Many Los Angeles pool table movers aren’t experienced and can damage your pool table or fail to re-level it at your new home.

Furniture Movers

If you’re looking for furniture movers in Los Angeles to transport or deliver your bulky item, our team can help. With many years of experience, you can look to us for safe, secure, and reliable cargo and furniture delivery.

Art Movers

When it comes to moving your priceless art, you want to rely on an experienced moving company that can ensure the safe handling and transportation of your art. As art movers in Los Angeles, you can rely on our highly-trained team to handle your cherished possessions with care.

TV Installation

If you’re looking for TV installation services, look no further. We offer quick and professional tv installation in Los Angeles. Leave all the heavy lifting and technicalities to our team so we can ensure that your tv is secure and properly installed.

Storage Services

If your current lease is over but the next one hasn’t been started yet, or you already sold your house and are still looking for a new one, you can find your household items in limbo. Thankfully, we have our own storage spaces available for use for this exact problem. We offer full-service storage in Los Angeles. Your items will be safe and secure in our storage facility until you are ready for us to deliver your items to your new home.

Moving Supplies

We provide moving supplies in Los Angeles that can accommodate any item in your home. From wardrobe boxes to moving blankets, tape, boxes, and shrink wrap, we provide all the supplies needed for your move free of charge.


Hidden Costs

When hiring movers for an intrastate move from San Diego to Los Angeles, it is crucial to obtain as much information about the cost upfront. Hiring the right moving company can help prevent you from overpaying for various materials and services throughout your move. Many factors come into play that can result in a move taking more time than anticipated, potentially tacking on additional fees.

For starters, load volume, or the number of items you need to be moved and the weight that those items comprise can impact your move’s cost. Depending on load volume, a larger truck, or even multiple trucks, may be required. This can significantly increase the moving costs. On top of this, the distance of the move dictates the time required to safely and successfully move your belongings. So, when considering hourly rates, it is helpful to take into account the amount of time it will take to drive from your current home to your new home. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep in mind where the movers will need to park the moving truck to load and unload your belongings. If the moving truck(s) has to park a considerable distance from your new home, this will add more time to the services needed and impact your final bill.

Additionally, it is helpful to consider the number of pieces that will need to be disassembled for your move. We do ensure that all of our movers have successfully completed a series of extensive training courses, but the fewer items that require disassembly, the better. And to lower the cost of your move, Next Moving offers all of the moving supplies and equipment that you might need, like moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, tape, shrink wrap, gates, ramps, etc.

Moving Cost Calculator

If you find yourself searching “movers San Diego to Los Angeles cost” or if you find yourself needing a “movers San Diego to LA instant quote,” Next Moving can help! With our Moving Cost Calculator, you can receive a quick moving estimate and free moving quotes. Customers like those moving to Los Angeles from San Diego can access their free, accurate, and instant quote online, onsite, or by phone call. Depending on the amount and the weight of the items you’ll need to be packed and transported, the distance of the move, where the truck(s) will need to park to load and unload your belongings, the number of pieces that need to be broken down or disassembled, breaks taken (specifically during long-distance moves), and the supplies and equipment needed for your move, the cost can vary. By keeping all of these factors in mind and effectively communicating with you about the moving costs from the get-go, you can rest assured that you are prepared for your move and will receive the most cost-effective pricing.